United Administrative Services uses strategically developed processes, procedures and systems to maintain and protect our clients from fraud and abuse and to protect the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ data. We use many resources and tools to identify suspected perpetrators of fraud and abuse and protect against loss.

Quality Assurance

We currently handle plan administration for multiemployer plans with an hour and/or dollar bank, premium, minimum funding, and fully insured clients. We use a claim administration that integrates claim processing, cost management, and reporting systems that are continually upgraded based on changing needs of the health & welfare administration environment. We consistently work to improve analysis reports along with the accuracy and efficiency of our administrative services.

Quality Control

UAS has a fully automated data processing systems based on IBM i7 Series and internally designed systems to manage eligibility, claims, and pensions along with an integrated accounting system. Each step of processing is automatically audited for accuracy. All of our systems are automated and our software is continually updated and enhanced on a regular basis.